All Join Hands

Community dancing for all, 

taught on the spot to live music, with caller Leslie Gotfrit

All About Dance Calling


What is Community Dancing?

When people get together in celebration, a square dance caller or barn dance caller makes the special times fun and inclusive for everyone. Any opportunity to bring people together is a good time for a dance: weddings, milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, school events, family gatherings, corporate team building, camps, churches, youth groups, and kitchen parties. Whenever and wherever people gather, dancing builds community.



What Happens at a Dance?

As the caller, I quickly get everyone up and dancing, making it easy enough for even the most dance-challenged and fun enough for the most reluctant. ​Each dance from my tried-and-true Anglo-American repertoire is taught on the spot, quickly and simply. Then I prompt the dance all the way through so no one has to remember what comes next.  There is no fancy footwork or patterns to remember. 


What's the Result?

Whether it's a holiday business party or a youth group social,  a dance with a caller and live music are all about the same things: holding hands and connection, creating a community joined by laughter and live music and a good time. The goal is a gathering of happy folks, brought together in playful celebration and genuinely social recreation.

 That is my goal at every event.




Live music makes every event special and I work with wonderful musicians. I draw on a talented pool of Celtic, old-time, and traditional musicians for each gig, putting together the right band 

for the right price.  



I love making people happy 

and creating an experience of community, playfulness and fun. The skills I've collected over decades of dancing, and almost a decade of calling, mean I'm ready for 

all kinds of events, 

crowds, venues, and ages. 



Anglo-American partner dances, both  traditional and neo-trad, in square, circle, scatter, and longways formations, are the backbone of my repertoire. I also call New England Contradance, Klezmer, Ceilidh and international dances. I'll find the best fit for your event. 



Contact me anytime and we can talk more about your event. I can help you create the best program for your celebration, fundraiser, festival or party. I'll ask all the right questions to make sure your participants have the best experience possible.



The goal is a good time for everyone, no matter the level of skill. No experience or partner required. I draw on a large repertoire of tried and true material and years of practice. More than that, I know how to create  an experience of music and dance, one that is social, energizing and fun.



I bring people together through music and dance. The tools of my trade are dances that work, programs that flow and an atmosphere that creates effortless laughter, conversation, 

and smiles. Will travel to bring this special experience to you.

the Kinds of events i call

Barn Dances


Barn Dances, Hoe-downs, Community Dances, Square Dances might have a slightly different repertoire but they're all about being in the moment, dancing to wonderful music with a roomful of happy people. I teach quickly, clearly, and with humour, getting everyone dancing in a flash.

Birthday Parties, Anniversaries


What are you going to do with a room full of people who don't really know each other? Get them dancing and holding hands, laughing and smiling and they'll all be friends before long. My musicians entertain at breaks, perform songs as well as tunes, and add so much to an evening.



Family dances or barn dances are great for festivals as people can dance to the caller or sit back on the grass and just enjoy the music. Almost all my musicians are professional performers who know how to entertain a crowd. 



It's the most fun way to introduce two families to each other. Once you've joined hands and sashayed down the hall with someone, you're no longer strangers. And you'll have some fantastic photos to remind you of how much fun you had.

Square Dances


Traditional square dances with old-fashioned patter calling add a lot of laughter. "And it's circle to the south, put a little moonshine in your mouth, and the the other way back on the same old track". Trust me, you'll know what to do!



Full day or half day workshops or residencies, family dances, harvest feasts or Maypole dances, traditional dancing teaches respect, responsibility, coordination, and connects children to curriculum, movement and language.  

Real quotes from Real People

Weddings and Celebrations

 Thank you again! The square dance has been the highlight of everyone’s experience. You did an incredible job and read the crowd so well!    

Fun with Friends

 Seriously folks, this is a really fun way to spend a Saturday night with a bunch of friends or just your one and only. 

 It was so much fun. I love that you’ve made that kind of fun available. Here’s to MORE!! 

Square and Barn Dances

The evening was about meeting great people from all ages, learning awesome new dance moves, and laughing until my sides hurt. The evening would not have been the same without such a great caller, too - thanks to Leslie for keeping the energy high, fostering such a welcoming and fun environment, and teaching so well!  

Junior High French Immersion

Leslie¹s calling was a huge success.  

With a little bit of coaching,

everybody was dancing.  I could not believe it! ...Your ability to bring a diverse group of parents and students, many of them non-English speaking was remarkable...For many people, this was

the highlight of the week!

Calgary Old-TIme Square Dance

Thank you so much for the wonderful work organizing the dance, the music and for calling and creating such a wonderful and healing community event. It was such great fun and a lovely group to be with. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Elementary School Family Dance

 I always feel so connected with my community after these dances.  My heart is full after the dances and my cheeks are sore from smiling so much. Leslie is so organized and so experienced at organizing community events!  She is so good at reading the crowd and getting people dancing and having fun.